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Doxycycline Medi-Mint™ (Dachsy-cyclin)

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Wedgewood Pharmacy Compounds Doxycycline In Compliance-Friendly Dosage Forms

It's only natural! This exclusive dosage-form takes advantage of many horses' affinity for this natural taste.

Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 400mg Peppermint Flavored

Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 500mg Peppermint Flavored


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About Doxycycline

According to  Barbara Forney, VMD , "Doxycycline is used in dogs to treat susceptible bacterial infections and infections caused by  Rickettsia Canine ehrlichiosis (anaplasmosis) Toxoplasma Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease) , Leptospirosis  and  Neorickettsia helminthoeca (salmon poisoning) . It is used in cats to treat susceptible bacterial infections and infections caused by a number of other organisms including Bartonella Hemoplasma Chlamydia felis , Ehrlichia Anaplasma , and  Toxoplasma . Doxycycline is used in horses to treat susceptible bacterial infections and tick-borne diseases such as  Ehrlichia , Anaplasma  and  Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease) ."

Wedgewood Pharmacy compounds  Doxycycline  in a variety of traditional and  DeliverEase ®  dosage forms , such as our  Quad tabs ™, as well as  capsules oral oil-suspension  and  chew treats  for small animals and Medi-Mint  tablets oral granules  and  oral pastes  for horses.

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